Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No. 4 on the New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller List

For immediate release 
Hedging and Betton Publishing is passionate about the art and craft of writing.  We believe in books that challenge, inspire, and tell stories-- especially with words, printed on paper.  We champion authors who explore and celebrate what it means to be human (or a cat).  To that end, we brought you the mega-bestsellers:

"Transcendant.  Proof that mangled animals just might save humanity."  -- Robert Woofer, author of My Dog, My Sensei.

"A revelation.  Proof that ferrets just might cure what ails you."  -- Lonni Farkus, author of The Hamster Solution
"Ferrets got rid of my heartache, my loneliness, and my eczema.  Read this book, and you'll never look at crepuscular, sexually dimorphic members of the weasel family the same way again."  -- Sean Long, M.D., Ph.D., author of The Chinchilla That Found Me.
Now, Hedging and Betton proudly announces its latest publication, a searing tale of heartbreak, renewal and skin-shedding:

From the jacket flap: Ruthless predators, cold-blooded killers, just plain nasty -- that's what Bobbi Lynn Fowler thinks of the giant snakes populating her small town in the Florida Everglades.  Broke, alcoholic, and suffering from acute hemmorhoids, Bobbi even takes to hunting snakes for food.  But then Bobbi's best friend mysteriously dies and bequeaths her Lenny, a 15-foot long Burmese Python with a big smile and an even bigger appetite for life.

From the moment Lenny arrives in Bobbi's life, her fortunes take a miraculous turn for the better.  Whether it's the ex-boyfriend who refuses to leave Bobbi's trailer or the bill collectors who hound her at the door, the people holding Bobbi back and keeping her down seem to magically disappear.  As Bobbi's self-esteem grows, so does Lenny's size, as if he literally feeds upon her confidence.  And gradually, Bobbi begins to think of Lenny as less of a snake than her own scaly, forked-tongue savior.

Advance Praise for Squeeze Me, Lenny:
"A breathtaking debut.  A luminous addition to the canon of human-snake literature." -- Joan Lemmon, Professor of Zoology, University of Tiajuana

"Gripping, in the truest sense.  Proof that Pythons and humans share the same basic need for love and acceptance.  Oh -- and muskrats.  Lots and lots of muskrats." --  Lou Ferrigno, actor and author of What Your Hermit Crab Doesn't Tell You
"Jesus, help me [this was good]! I can't move [my eyes, away from the page]! Someone get this snake [his own children's book series]!" -- Dick Pritcher, Lenny's veterinarian and handler


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